Portable Revolution Pull Up Bar Review


One of the best exercises in all of the fitness world is the pull-up. Very people can dispute that. There’s a million and one things to do pullups on, however I have yet to see a pull up product that works your back and forearms like the Revolution Pull-up Bar. You’re probably asking, what separates this bar from any other pull up bar? Well, this bad boy spins.

How it was Acquired:

I’m always on the lookout for something new and fresh in the fitness equipment industry. Whenever I find something I’ll offer a review in exchange for the product, and that’s how this happened. That being said, my reviews are completely honest, you’ll see in some of my past reviews I’ve mentioned that even though I was given a product, I didn’t really like it. I try to be open and honest about how I like the product and whether it’s something I would recommend to others. The Revolution Pull Up Bar I would without a doubt recommend to those trying to improve overall strength, grip strength, or pull up power.


It attaches to your existing pull-up bar easily


The Revolution Pull Up Bar is essentially a powder-coated steel pullup bar connected to two industrial bearings. The portable version I received also has two straps and carabiners that attach to the ends of the bar so you can add it to your pull-up bar or a tree, or anything else you want to pull from. When I initially saw the pull-up bar I was a little bit skeptical to whether it would spin enough to really feel a difference, and it does. There’s a certain amount of grip fatigue you get from doing any variation of pullups, but when you throw in a bar that is trying to spin you off, it’s a whole different feeling. The burn you get in your forearms is intense, and over time your grip gets stronger and stronger. Every time I went from this bar, back to a static pull-up bar suddenly pullups and bar muscle-ups were much easier than before.


I’m somewhat biased because orange is my favorite color, but the combo of orange and stealth gray looks awesome! It stands out in the gym, but isn’t overpowering. People will certainly ask what it is and where they can get one.


Close-up of the powder-coating

Feel of the Bar:

I’ve used quite a few different pullup bars, with equal as many coatings. My favorite bars are those that are powder-coated. The bars tend to hold chalk much better and allow you to get a good grip, without it being too aggressive. Also, powder-coating steel will extend its longevity for longer than I plan to be alive. The bar on the Revolution Pull-Up Bar is very similar, if not the exact same as that on a Rogue Pull Up Bar. It’s what many of you are used to, and if you’re looking to compete in CrossFit, it’s important in my opinion that you use the feeling of the bar that you’ll use in competition.


The bearing assembly. One word: Solid


When you talk spin in the strength world, it’s typically referring to the spin of a barbell. Similar to the way you want a smooth consistent spin with a barbell, you want the same with this pullup bar. The reason is the goal of this bar is to force you to use your forearms to resist against the bar slipping you off. If it was rough and inconsistent you would notice it immediately.

Final Thoughts:

The price of this bar surprises me a little bit. In my mind, I think it’s priced low because they’re a new company, so if I were you I would jump on and buy one now before they get more popular and experience a price increase in the future. This bar isn’t meant to replace your existing pullup bar, but used in addition. You can attach this to your pullup bar you have now, or tree limbs, jungle gym you name it. When compared to other portable pull-up bars in the industry, this is right around the same price, and causes a much better workout. Hit the link, buy the bar, and grow your back and forearms like never before.


$98.00 (I’m not joking. Take a look at the competitions static portable bars, this is in line with all of them, yet it spins.)

Where to Buy:

Revolution Bar Fitness

Train On,




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