Powerblock Adjustable Dumbbells Review


When it comes to dumbbells you really only have a few options. You can get fixed dumbbells that take up more space than any other piece of equipment, or if you have a garage gym and space is at a premium, you can do like I did a buy adjustable dumbbells. Through my research I decided upon the Powerblock Adjustable dumbbells and what made them better than the alternatives, like Ironmaster Quick-Lock Dumbbells or Bowflex SelectTech Dumbbells, or just your everyday fixed dumbbell.

Why I decided on Adjustable Dumbbells:

When I first decided to buy dumbbells I really wanted the fixed standard dumbbells because I figured you wouldn’t be able to do as much with an adjustable dumbbell. Sure, if you’re just doing a bro-sesh and pumpin’ weight bra’ any dumbbell will do. But even though I do like to throw in the occasional arm curl, I wanted to be able to do dumbbell snatches, man makers, and anything else that one might find in a CrossFit workout. That led me to forums where I found every opinion one could think of, however, the most resounding comment was, “I can do anything with my adjustable dumbbells that you can with your fixed dumbbells.” So with that, I began searching for adjustable dumbbells and landed on the Power block for its reputation, quality, durability, and function.

Dumbbell side.jpeg

Dumbbell Side View


You would think having a dumbbell that you change would lead to discrepancies in durability. However, I’ve found I can do anything and everything with my Powerblock Dumbbells that I could with a regular dumbbell other than slam them on the ground, and lets be honest, you really shouldn’t do that with any dumbbells. The Powerblock dumbbells uses a selector pin to change the weight in 5 lb increments. What makes them even more adjustable is if you need to only go up by 2.5 lb’s, you can do that by opening up the handle and placing an included silver cylinder (say that ten times fast) in the handle. I rarely use them because I don’t ever feel the need to only dial my weights in that close, but for you anal retentive people out there this is a great feature.


Dumbbell Handle. Each weigh ~ 5 lbs.


These bad boys are made to last. I’ve used them in mud, on concrete, in the rain, on dirt, and nearly every surface you can think of and they just keep on chucking. Sure, it’s a dumbbell so there isn’t a ton that can go wrong, but for something that is interchangeable these things rock! I’ve had them now since 2013, so about 2 years as of this writing and aside from some minor battle scars they still look pristine and ready for another sweat session. Also included in the dumbbells are a 10-year home warranty, that’s pretty hard to beat in this industry.


The Powerblock Dumbbells don’t look like a traditional dumbbell. In fact, when people go to pick them up they don’t always know what they are. They’re a rectangular boxy shape that isn’t like the hexagon seen on most dumbbells. I personally like the shape and haven’t really felt like the function would have been improved through a different shape.I also grabbed the stand because one, it looks awesome and two, it just makes it easier to set them down and put them away.


Interchangeable Cylinder Handle Weights

Extra Features:

Because dumbbells are so expensive, generally people only purchase them in five pound increments. The Powerblock Dumbbells come with interchangeable cylinder weights that each weigh 2.5 pounds. That allows you to increase in smaller increments which although I’m not a huge fan of, I know many others are.

Final Thoughts:

I cannot see any reason why people would buy a dumbbell set now that interchangeable dumbbells are not only durable, but an go up as high in weight as you want to go. If you’re doing a lot of dumbbell snatches and love to throw your dumbbells down, buy just a few fixed handled dumbbells in the weights you see in competitions and use those for snatches and the Powerblock’s for other things. Also, if you’re a CrossFitter and don’t feel like dumbbells are useful then I feel sorry for you.

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