Cyclone Speed Rope Review

Cyclone Speed Rope Packaging

The Jump Rope. The piece of equipment most CrossFitters have too many of, yet use so little. So far I’ve reviewed the RPM Fitness Speed Rope 2.0 and have many other ropes I’ll be reviewing in the future. Today though, the focus is on the Cyclone Speed Rope.




I don’t usually mention the packaging on products because most are uninteresting and bland. However, the packaging of the Cyclone Speed Rope must be mentioned. It is the best packaging I’ve seen to date on a fitness related product, and although it doesn’t add much to the rope itself, it’s a nice gesture and shoes Cyclone has put in a lot of effort in creating a premier product.

Custom Name Plate Rope.jpeg


The Cyclone Speed Rope is dashing. The only rope I like the look of more is the RPM Fitness Speed Rope 2.0. The Cyclone Speed Rope combines a twisted grip that reminds me of hockey stick knobs, metal hardware and a rubber coated steel cable. The Cyclone Rope even includes a metal stamped name plate that gives it a really personal look and feel. I could see the stamping to be great in a few situations, first, for gym owners who have a bunch of different ropes with different heights, the stamp could be used as a label for length. The stamp could also be useful if you go to a gym and are afraid somebody might try to run off with your rope.


The real meat and potatoes of a product. Sure it can look pretty, and have great presentation in the packaging, but how does it perform. Well, this is a bold statement, but the Cyclone Speed Rope has my title as the Best Jump Rope for CrossFit and the Best Jump Rope for Double Unders. In fact, their slogan is “The Best Jump Rope for Double Unders” and for good reason. This bad boy is smooth, has heavy, yet light enough handles for you to feel where the rotation of the rope is, and the thickness of the rope is perfect in my opinion. Not so light that you can’t feel it, but just heavy enough where it doesn’t cause a burden on your forearms.

Cyclone Speed Rope Parts.jpeg


I’ve had this rope for about three months now and I do quite a bit of jump roping. I use it for every warm up and often use it for workouts. I’ve used the rope on rubber gym mats, wood plywood, concrete, and even once on grass. The rope has shown hardly any wear and that’s saying quite a bit. Granted it’s not made to be used on surfaces other than gym flooring, but I’m not the typical consumer and as a garage gym owner, you shouldn’t be either.


Final Thoughts:

There are a lot of options for you when it comes to buying a rope. There’s also new companies popping up every year who claims they’ve made a better rope. In reality, will purchasing a $50 jump rope make you any better than a $10 jump rope? I’d argue most likely not, but it’s nice to have the best and know that your equipment is not the cause for your failure.

Where to Buy:

Cyclone Speed Rope

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