KnotOut Mobility Roller Review

KnotOut Roller Crossfit Foam Roller

Ever since CrossFit began and Kelly Starrett took over with his MobilityWod blog there has been an influx of mobility tools flooding the market. One of the product categories that has expanded quickly is the Self Myofascial release tools and especially rollers. Because there’s so many different types of rollers it has become increasingly more difficult to decide which one(s) to purchase. Although the KnotOut roller is not a foam roller in the traditional sense, it can certainly take the place of one and could be a great addition to your mobility toolbox.

Which Models Am I Reviewing?

There are a lot of different options provided by KnotOut for rollers. The two I’m reviewing are the Large KnotOut Firm and the Medium KnotOut Firm. I chose the firm because I’ve always found that personally, anything soft doesn’t do much for me in the area of myofascial release.

KnotOut Roller Large FirmThe Large KnotOut Roller is the size of a softball


The size of the large can be compared to a Softball, while the Medium is the size of a lacrosse Ball. The balls are put together and then wrapped in a large, hard rubber band. When I was researching them I just figured the medium would be two lacrosse balls wrapped in a rubber band, but the balls are slightly softer than lacrosse balls, and the band is hard, not allowing for any movement of the balls within the band. The rollers are made to last and are constructed of materials that can’t be found just anywhere.

KnotOut Small Lacrosse Ball

What I originally used vs. the Medium KnotOut Roller

Do they Work?!?!

I have many rollers and have used many more. Usually foam rollers are either too soft to even feel, or too hard that I feel like a masochist. The KnotOut Firm is in between the two, and in my opinion is the perfect blend. I now find myself replacing my Trigger Point Grid Roller with the KnotOut rollers because they dig so much deeper. The different sizes are great as well because they can be used interchangeably depending on what body part you’re trying to mash into oblivion.

Rolling Examples:

KnotOut Calf Roller

Calf Rollout

Scott Panchik KnotOut Roller

Glute Rollout

Knot Out Lat

Lat Rollout

Final Thoughts:

There’s a lot of options when it comes to rolling around on cylinder shaped objects. This one happens to take the typical cylindrical shape and makes it wavy with the addition of balls. It works really well and just like most mobility tools it really comes down to implementation. If you want something to work, you need to continuously put effort into it. This roller will stretch your fascia and break up adhesion’s, but in the long run it comes down to the effort you put in to see the results you want.

Where to Purchase:

The KnotOut Shop

Train On,




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